Disorganization and clutter brings chaos to your home and office.  

Let us help you turn your space into an area you can feel great about.

Why Organize? Any home or office space exists for a very specific purpose. For the benefit and enjoyment of the people who use it. Being disorganized is more than just a nuisance. Disorganization reduces the benefit and effectiveness of any area. And there’s no enjoyment in clutter. Whether you’re organizing an entire home, a small work space, a home office, or just a closet, W & W's mission for each project is simple: "To ensure that every area we touch, will in turn serve you."

W & W Process:

1. Define the purpose for the environment you’re working on. Why is this space there and what benefit or enjoyment do you want to derive from it?
2. Discover a system that works for you and your lifestyle IS the key to staying organized and maintaining balance.
3. Deliver with excellence a well ordered space that now serves you and is easy for you to maintain. What clients love most about our approach is not just that we organize you-we help you restore order and peace to your environment and give you the tools to maintain it long after we are gone.




  • Develop an organizational plan for all areas of your home
  • Pre-home sale de-cluttering
  • Unpack and organize your new home 
  • Prepare a baby's nursery
  • Repurpose a space after a student has left for college
  • Downsize for empty nesters
  • Consign unused items


  • Complete office set-up
  • Storage/Supply Closet clean-up
  • Office reorganization and relocation
  • Filing systems
  • Paper management
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Meredith Weis

Friends for over 20 years, Meredith & Katie decided to take a departure from their stay-at-home jobs to start a career in something else they’re passionate about-organizing.

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Katie Widener